Lawyer Quiz: Are you a Rainmaker?

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Lawyer Quiz: Are you a Rainmaker?

There is no singular definition of a “successful lawyer.”

That definition is and should be highly personal. It may include specializing in a practice area you are passionate about, smoothly integrating work and life, hanging your own shingle, and/or making partner. It may also include developing a robust and highly valued book of business.  

If your vision of success does include being a rainmaker, we’ve developed a quiz to test whether you have what it takes to make it rain.

Take the Rainmaker test below!

The Rainmaker Lawyer

According to Merriam-Webster, a rainmaker is “a person who brings in new business” and relatedly, “a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success.”

When it comes to rainmaking, three personality traits are strong indicators of success: ego drive, ego strength, and empathy.

Ego Drive

Ego-drive is the inner need to persuade others as a means of gaining personal gratification. The Ego-driven individual wants and needs successful persuasion as a powerful enhancement of his or her ego. Ego-drive is not ambition, aggression, energy, or even a willingness to work hard. Rather, it is an internal gratification that comes from getting another person to say “yes.”

Ego Strength

Ego strength relates to confidence, security with oneself, and a positive self-image. Individuals with high ego strength have the perseverance to handle rejection and the adaptability to accept criticism and use it to grow. The “ego strong” also cope well with stress.


It may surprise you that rainmakers are empaths. But, rainmakers at their core are people-focused, intuitive, and capable of understanding others’ emotions. Perhaps most importantly, empaths can accurately sense the reactions of another person and to objectively perceive their feelings without necessarily agreeing with them, and then also have the capacity to appropriately adjust their own behavior in order to deal effectively with people.

Do you have what it take to be a Rainmaker?

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